Community engagement

Community Engagement

When it comes to community engagement, look no further than me, Jed Kemsley.

I am available to work with the community to cover all manner of local events in Bowral, or Goulburn; Sydney.

Hire me as your dependable community journalist, and we will make great things happen!

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Types of Community Engagement I Cover For You

Needless to say, community engagement is central to all public health interventions. It incorporates those affected by the risks they face and includes them in the response actions which are up to standard.

Moreover, community engagement becomes all the more critical during public health emergencies.

As your experienced freelance community engagement reporter operating near you; I commonly cover proceedings of the following community engagement events.

  • Community crisis communication
  • Behavioral impact communication
  • Risk communication
  • Outbreak communication
  • Health promotion
  • Health education
  • Communication for development (CAD)
  • Social mobilisation
  • Economic development
  • Institutional engagement
  • Social impact assessments
  • Bid strategy and reporting documentations
  • Media and issue management
  • Community relations

(And more...)

What To Expect?

  • I will look to identify trends, opportunities, mitigate risks and the plausible solution
  • I will take time to gather facts, understand the objectives of the event and create research-led coverage which reveals to you the complete story
  • My agile tactics and prior experience in finding out the whole truth will save a lot of your time and effort
  • My presented coverage/post will tell you the story in a strategic, inclusive and visually appealing way

"I have 8+ Industry Experience at the Southern Highland News and Highlands Post Newspapers in Bowral, New South Wales from the year -2003 to 2011." And I Will Work To Get Statements & Relevant Facts Without Violating Any Imposed Privacy Laws

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