Corporate detective agency

Corporate Detection Agency

Is someone at work tampering with your confidential data or trying to rob you of your valuable assets or sensitive information...? Or do you suspect someone (or a group of individuals) involved in some sort of nefarious deeds or fraudulent practices...?

"If so, then you will have to uncover the truth as quickly as possible before things escalate out of control and starts manifesting negativity all throughout the workplace."

Besides serving as your ever-reliable private investigator in Bowral or Goulburn; Sydney, I; Jed Kemsley; am also in the corporate detective agency scheme of things.

If your business needs someone to do some important detective work, please let me know, and I will be more than happy to come to an arrangement with you.

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Core Objective Of My Corporate Private Investigation

The core objective of my comprehensive private investigation is to get to the bottom of every mystery and unveil corrupt corporate practices or cases which are shrouded in treachery and suspicion.

No matter what your corporate investigation needs are; I will always look to offer you immediate response times and detailed reports of facts, information and evidence admissible in the court of law.

The Clients We Commonly Serve Include -

  • Lawyers
  • Government bodies
  • Corporate Establishments
  • Local councils
  • Commercial headquarters

(And so on)

My Commercial Investigations Involve Both External & Internal Enquiries All Across Sydney

Insurance Investigation
Want to conduct a full-bore insurance investigation to safeguard your company interests and reputation...? I can help. Be it limiting risks of fraudulent practices or tackling one issue at a time, I will ensure that the investigation conducted is perfectly customised to your liking.

So, whenever you seek the truth... (Get In Touch)

Debt Collection
As your trusted corporate investigator, I also assist corporate clients with their debt collection and resolution in the most professional, cost-effective and discreet manner possible.

Depending on your investigation needs, I will help you find your target, utilise the most efficacious means to recovery and march forward with a prompt and reliable debt collection service.

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Employee/Business Surveillance
Want to closely monitor the activities and behaviour of your fellow office employees...?

Do you suspect someone on the inside is a potential traitor and is dispensing company secrets to some unknown 3rd party associate...?

Fret not. I will discreetly conduct employee /business surveillances to keep watch over suspicious individuals or activities and dig up facts and information to keep you informed and in the light.

And via my thorough surveillance and investigation, I will endeavour to manage all your business related threats and issues and make way for seamless operations on a daily basis.

Fraud Investigation
Regardless of whether you're aiming to expose deceit or mitigate chances of becoming a potential victim of a commercial fraud; I as your reliable corporate private investigator will help you unveil all the necessary information, facts and even data to be used as evidences in the court of law.

I will perform all fraudulent investigations maintaining total discretion and commitment and present you complete closure once all the factual details are procured from various sources and mediums.

Employee Misconduct
Employee misconduct is another common corporate investigation which businesses conduct from time to time. And if this issue holds true for your corporate set-up, then you should strongly arrange for a comprehensive employee misconduct investigation on a timely basis consistent with the company's protocols.

If your company suffers from employee misconduct, then Reach Out To Me.

  • I will perform the investigation to prevent retaliation and future incidents.
  • Will maintain complete confidentiality to dispel existing fear of employees and safeguard your business from a potential lawsuit
  • And, to uncover the truth; I will utilise all existing resources and contacts and resort to whatever means necessary to bring the truth to surface.

Workplace Theft
Needless to say - Employee theft is very common all across Australia. And it also happens to be one of the main reasons why so many businesses suffer big losses and even stain their industry reputation.

If your workplace experiences employee theft on a frequent basis, then you should make it a point to ensure such ill-deeds are never repeated inside the workspace.

I will come to your rescue in digging up the truth and resultantly differentiating fact from fiction.

Skip Tracing
Lost track of disgruntled employees, debtors, ex-staff members or non-paying customers...?

If so, then Let Me Know and I will help you head-hunt your old colleagues, runaway customer or even discover the whereabouts of corporate partners still withholding sensitive information- be it concerning important business delegates as well as on-going projects.

Background checks / Employee screening
If you need to conduct background checks on a suspicious employee or group of people; then I will conduct comprehensive employee screening, thus presenting corporate-set-ups the scope to streamline the recruitment process.

I will dig up all the facts and details about the person or subject in focus to help you mitigate risks and guarantee a smooth operation of your daily business operations.

Office Debugging /Bug sweeping
As technology continues to evolve at a fast-rate; your private conversations, location and activities get recorded, stored and transferred across the web. And as this continues to happen every minute; bug sweeping can drastically reduce risks of confidential information falling into the wrong hands.

If you need someone experienced to offer you office debugging/bug sweeping, then LET ME KNOW.

Forensic Computing Investigation
When conducting forensic computing investigation; I analyse all data and cross-reference patterns across computing systems and cellular devices.

Rest assured that whatever information I gather will be done in line with the Australian Laws and organised into a detailed report for you to use and put forward in court as legitimate evidence.

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