Event Journalism

Event Journalism

"Have you ever required a journalist to cover your local event?"

Well, now you've found one. I work keenly with with you in covering your local event; whether it be a 21st Birthday Party or a Local Art Exhibition... (the list goes on and on).

Whether you're in Bowral, or Goulburn; Sydney, I am your go-to event journalist to cover a wide range of local events.

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Common Local Events I Cover

Political Events
Need to cover an on-going political event, campaign or rally happening at your neighborhood...? Do you need a competent and confident freelance journalist for hire to cover the events for you and provide you the complete details...? I can help. I will cover the event for you and provide you all the relevant facts and data to help you know about the whole reason and objective behind the event.

Social Events
Psyched about your neighborhood social gathering or event; be it trivia night, sporting tournament, cooking competition, birthdays, weddings or seasonal event...? If so, then let me know about the particular event which you want to cover and I will be more than happy to do it for you. I possess lots of prior experience in hosting social events and others similar as such. And using my experience and methods, I will get you the comprehensive event coverage you want.

Lifestyle Expos
Will there be a larger than life trade show, bridal expo or fashion exhibition held in your neighborhood..? Are you excited about it and wish to cover its full story for your personal collection...? If so, then I, Jed will work as your freelance event journalist for hire near you and cover the whole event on your behalf.

Cultural Events
Tapping into the excitement, energy and passion of cultural events is always a heart-wrenching experience. Plus, it also serves as the perfect medium to being a huge legion of people together celebrating, singing and dancing.

Cultural events can be - food festival, film festivals, music performance and even sponsorship gatherings. If any of these cultural events take place in your neighborhood, then you can always count of Me - your reliable event reporting journalist to help you cover it and present you a well-drafted report. If you have anything else to tell us about your neighborhood cultural event, then...

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Local Celebratory/ Honorary Event
Want to cover your neighborhood's grand celebratory event this year...? Or want a detailed (15-20 page) article on one of your most senior members of the community getting privileged amidst all and sundry...?

Whatever be your requirement, I will be happy to cover your neighborhood celebratory or honorary event and provide you a well-prepared report or post incorporating all the necessary and relevant facts. I will cover the whole event myself and even engage in meaningful conversations with the other locals involved to present you a complete picture of the whole thing. Just let me know about the date, time and location of your local celebratory/honorary event. And I will be more than happy to offer you my event reporting journalism services.

Educational Events
It goes without saying that educational events are crucial for the development of the educational sector- particularly against combating pre-existing public school challenges namely- bullying, poverty, technology, student health as well as funding.

If you notice any educational event taking place at your neighborhood and want it to be covered professionally, then Contact me and fill me in on all the necessary details. I will reach out to each concerned individual of the event, even request them to pull out some budget sample, event template and planning outlines to get all the facts straight and then present you everything in an all-encompassing article /post.

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