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Do you suspect your loving wife/spouse cheating on you...? Do you require a private investigator to conduct confidential investigations and uncover the REAL TRUTH...?

If the answer is yes, then look no further than Jed Kemsley.

I am, Jed; your reliable private investigator for hire in Bowral or Goulburn; Sydney am able to conduct comprehensive investigations with complete discretion of course to help you learn the harsh truth. I will meet with up and directly converse with you to understand your need for investigation along your objectives and expectations. Depending on the conversation and the amount of details you share with me, I will then go and perform my reconnaissance work using all relevant sources and mediums. And only after I have successfully managed to dig up the real truth; will I report back to you with the information you require.

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My Private Surveillance & Investigation Services Include -

Catching A Cheating Partner
Finding out your loving partner has been unfaithful is never an easy pill to digest. It can rip tour heart apart and leave you in a state of raw, inescapable anguish. You want to know the Ugly Truth- no matter how hurtful it maybe, simply because not knowing about your loving partner's infidelity seems way worse. If you are suspecting your spouse or partner cheating; and seek evidences to clear your doubts, then I can help you! So, if you need affordable private investigator near you/me...

Surveillance Investigations
The cornerstone of all my conducted investigations is comprehensive surveillance. If you have information to collect on someone or something, then I can help you uncover the truth, by gathering specific information on the subject. I, being your experienced local private investigator will provide you evidential truth concerning group of individuals and organisations too. '

What Our Surveillance Investigation Entails?

  • Surveillance on partners, boyfriends/girlfriends
  • Negligence
  • Pre-marital sex
  • Insurance hoax
  • Funds misappropriation
  • Spousal maintenance
  • Asset surveillance
  • Skip tracing surveillance
  • Watching location and collecting evidences and statements
  • Malpractice
  • Employee theft
  • Director fraud
  • Suspicious or robbed vehicles
  • Non-complete breach
  • Corporate espionage
  • Double dippers
  • And of course; corporate partners (involving falsified claims, illegal subletting, cohabiting and so on)

Background Checks
The whole point of conducting a background check is to find out and disclose sensitive or valuable information about a concerned individual. Perhaps your neighbor is engaged in some nefarious practices...? Or maybe, your local company's accounts manager might be involved in some dishonest affairs at work...? Whatever it maybe, you will only learn the truth about them once their real colours become visible. As your reliable private investigator near you; I very well understand the need of sound information about your person-of-interest. That's why I conduct comprehensive background checks to unveil the hard-hitting truth and help you make the right choice in life- moving forward.

What Information Do I Uncover Through My Background Checks?

  • Person's full name
  • Social media activities
  • Financial history - (including bankruptcy checks and insolvency)
  • Existing and previous residing address
  • Date of birth
  • Corporate involvement and affairs
  • History of property ownership

"I will always make it so that the hidden truth comes out and sees the light of day."

Locating A Person
(Did You Know)...?

Approximately 35,000+ people go missing in and across Down-Under all throughout the year. In fact, a person goes missing every 15-minutes or so.

When this unfortunate and traumatic thing happens, each of their respective families have to deal with their heart-aches, anguish and confusion. (Keeping this in mind);

"Is someone you love or care about been missing for a while now...?"

If so, then you it is only fair to file a complaint to know about her/his whereabouts. I, as your trusted private investigator will utilise a range of databases to locate the missing person-of-interest. I will also use an impressive combination of tools and techniques to conduct an all-expansive search for the person in focus.

Moreover, I will also resort to cold calling, field calls with online data mining to extract as much information as feasible concerning the person-of-interest's whereabouts.

Serving Sydney for 8+ years, I have helped many families and loved ones to locate their biological children, parents, childhood friends and siblings; with whom they'd lost touch with for several years. Even if the subject is located overseas, I will make use of social media forums and databases to get the information and inform their friends and family members.

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Child Custody Investigation
Child custody investigation implies factual investigation mainly to accumulate affidavits in support of your child custody requirement.

What Includes?

  • Child custody investigation
  • Child access investigation
  • Child welfare investigation
  • Child surveillance investigation

(And more)

While the Family Law Court will listen to all presented allegations, none of them will prove usable unless they are backed with hard-hitting evidences in support of it. I, as your reliable child custody private investigation; I will procure all usable evidences (admissible in the court of law) to turn all insinuations and allegations into real facts for the concerned judge to validate.

Relationship Investigation
If you need investigating sensitive matters about your current relationship, then I will help you get to the bottom of the truth - no matter what it takes and whatever means necessary. I will gather usable evidence to confirm or deny the mistrust and verify all the facts. Our sound investigations will provide you proper closure and peace of mind.

CV Verification
I also perform proper CV verifications to determine an individual's criminal history, social and personal life and civil actions. I have plenty of experience in conducting quality and focused investigations and even speak to their known people if the need of more thorough investigation is needed. Our due diligence CV verifications will relate to partners, business purchases and even prospective recruits.

Pre & Post Matrimonial Investigation
While it is true that relationship and marriage are based on absolute trust, there may arise certain situations where you might not be able to trust the person closest to you (despite how much you want to)...! You always suspect something mysterious or inconspicuous going on with them but don't possess the legitimate proof to back your claims. Similarly, there could arise certain scenarios where you may feel threatened or violated by a certain individual or group of people in particular. In each of these situations; you need licit evidences to prove the severity of the situation (particularly when it concerns something as important as your marriage) and take protective and proactive measures accordingly.

My comprehensive pre and post matrimonial private investigations will be conducted in complete adherence to the imposed rules and laws in Sydney. And utilising every valid source - be it the concerned individual or particular family or group of people; and substantiate every procured information concerning both the bride or groom to-be.

What We Include?

  • Pending debts
  • Litigation cases
  • Social status
  • Drinking habits
  • Conducts
  • Criminal history
  • Employment track record
  • Past or ongoing affairs
  • Medical history
  • Educational background
  • Questioned family's social reputation
  • Legal Investigation


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